PapervisionX and the 3D Medical Website Potential

So PapervisionX is in the works and will be a completely re-programmed 3D Flash engine to use the new native 3D capabilities of Flash CS4. Currently, we are still using Papervision3D 2.0 Great White which runs great although it can be a bit processor heavy and therefore slow down older systems. Regardless, we have been able to put together some great sites incorporating 3D elements such as Dorman’s virtual tradeshow booth and creating animations with the new Sensis condom’s box, which have received great praise from both the clients and users.At DDA Medical, we have created a number of 3D simulation animations for the healthcare IT industry such as minimally invasive cancer therapy procedures, application of blood coagulating powder to wounds, the use of new medical products in Emergency Rooms, anatomical simulations of the human swallowing procedure and others. With Flash and its online 3D capability, we will be able to create rich user experiences by creating real-time 3D simulations where the user will be able to control 3D environments and individual objects within these environments. With DDA Medical and our vast skill set and list of services, the possibilities for your next medical website or healthcare IT project is endless.