Piecing Together an Interactive Video Website

In between meetings, managing various projects, talking to new client prospects, putting together time studies and shooting video in the studio, I have been working on a video rich interactive website which features seven different actors talking about the benefits of a product from seven different angles. The main interface features all seven actors lined up in a virtual environment, custom illustrated by one of our fine in-house designers/illustrators. When the user rolls over someone, they come alive with a general statement concerning their perspective. Clicking results in the others fading behind a panoramic display panel followed by a couple minutes of in-depth information and accompanying visuals. Towards the end of the day yesterday, I started adding all the stills of the actors into the user interface and finally got a taste of what the final piece will feel like and it felt pretty exciting.

It should come as no surprise really, as with each and every project that comes through DDA, we invest time and energy into every single aspect of the project, from conceptualization to finalization. Pretty soon, we’ll be unveiling the final piece to the client and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be really excited too!