Plan your shots.

A number of our sites as well as client sites involve spokesperson video integrated into a website, with the website being their environment. For the project I will talk about today, the scene is that of a Doctor’s office waiting room. The idea is that the spokesperson walks into the room and interacts with magazines she is holding and references a magazine rack on the wall next to her. The user can then click on any of the magazines which then open and reveal information with the spokesperson giving the user an overview on certain heath topics.

The tricky thing with this site is matching the video with the user interactions and having it all transition smoothly and as seamlessly as possible. Each shot in the video will have to be well planned and closely choreographed with starting and ending poses matched. For this, we plan on using a reference monitor which the actress will be able to view and match her pose with a superimposed image used as a reference.

One thing about website integrated video is that no two projects are similar and there is always something to learn with each project.