Preparing for Match Moving

Today, we are setting up the video studio in preparation for the DDA Corporate and Medical Training website video-shoot which will join our arsenal of DDA Corporate, DDA Video, DDA Medical and DDA Apps (coming soon) websites. The green screens are being raised and stretched and props placed in position. As the actor will primarily be interacting with a seal in a raised pool, we are creating a prop to simulate the border of the pool so we have better visual reference while shooting for both the actor and camera. The big element of this shoot is the match moving process which converts the real-time camera movement of a video segment into a simulated 3D environment file, moving camera object and reference points included! It is crucial to have well defined reference points on the actual set so that the match moving software has enough to work with. Common reference points include ping pong balls, colored dots, and Xs. Our solution is white pushpins and thumbtacks. As we primarily use foam backed chromakey fabric, the tacks will hold well and not create any damage to the material. We are avoiding large markers as they will need to be more noticeable and require extensive masking in the keyed video. The tacks will be small enough to still be picked up with the match moving software yet still easily removed from the final video. Once all is setup, we will be running through some rehearsals with camera movement and stunt doubles before shooting and having the actor in-studio. This will be a great showcase of the skills and quality of work available here at DDA for your next spokesperson video, tradeshow video, website video, product launch video, 3D animation or any other digital video service you may need.