Product Photography, Made in the USA

Every now and then we get a call from a long-time customer who fabricates and sells a unique product, made in the USA. Each time he comes in to our studios for product photography, his product has changed, the design always refined, perfected, and improved. It is obvious  that he is a dedicated and compassionate man as he sometimes brings his elderly father, who can’t be one year under 90,  to the shoots. Being close to the best, and the first digital photography studio in the Pennsylvania area works out well for him. Usually in about an hour or two, we are able to shoot his product, a cabinet elevator for cabinet makers and installers, and prepare both high- and web- resolution formats for use in print materials and websites. The client always leaves pleased and amazed at the quality of work and as quickly as he dashes in, he whisks his elderly father out of his chair and they’re off.

During these hard economic times, I can’t help but think of how his sales are, and on a more humbling level, the wellness of his father. Although the housing market is busted, hopefully it doesn’t stop people from upgrading their kitchens and installing new cabinets using his invention. Maybe in a week or maybe a month, he’ll be stepping through the door again with his invention even better than before, and close behind, his father taking life one step at a time.