Productivity is Contagious when you’re Green

Last Friday I would have usually spent taking Indie to the park, and working on some project around the house, but having taken off Tuesday, I spent Friday catching up on time lost. Thankfully, I was able to work from home, eliminating my one hour+ round trip commute to DDA. This is both convenient and economical for DDA and me; I save on fuel expenses and DDA saves by me not having to turn on my computers and consume energy in the office.

Erin was also able to work at home on Friday. That day was when our “studio” officially felt like a studio. I was busy on my MAC, creating animations and programming flash actionscript and Erin was busy at her desk, creating gorgeous textile designs and taping her various creations around the walls in the studio for observation, assessment, and critique. The music was blaring and our creative minds churning, each feeding off the other’s drive for productivity.

Working from home Friday wasn’t our only productive “green” event of the weekend, we are also installing locally recycled plastic decking to replace old decking and our front porch makeover has been meticulously stripped, cleaned and painted using environmentally friendly cleaners with thorough cleanup and disposal of all solvents and chemicals, avoiding any leakage into storm drains.

Being conscious of our carbon footprint, conservation and recycling is definitely something on all of our minds at DDA, just take a look at our DDA green pages. We are so conscious that it’s even got me thinking, “Is that unfamiliar white truck parked behind the office a bio-diesel?”… perhaps a mystery to be revealed during our 9:30 meeting this morning.