Progressive Video vs Streaming Video

When it comes to delivering video on the Internet, the two options are progressive download and streaming. Progressive download video is pretty standard and is OK to use for a single video on a site or a small library of videos.

Using this method, as the video plays it is being progressively downloaded to the user’s computer. If the download rate is slower than the play rate, then stuttering in playback will occur. Also, the user is not able to scrub or skip to sections of the video that have not yet downloaded to the user’s computer. That’s when streaming video comes into play (no pun intended). Although the user needs to first connect to the streaming server, which usually only takes a couple seconds, they have instant video playback and don’t have to wait to download the full video before scrubbing through the timeline.

Using streaming video is great for immersive video websites where video can be used in transitions or major elements of the site. At DDA we’re equipped for both video delivery options. Not only can we produce your video, we’ll create a fully interactive website around it and provide the video delivery and hosting options that gives users the best experience.