Proper Script Reading

Last week, one of our actors from the DDA Actor’s Network came to our studio to shoot video for an AARP commercial. It was fairly last minute and unfortunately the actor didn’t have the chance to bring a digital file of the script. We setup the script about halfway  between the actor and the camera lens, with the paper being below the view of the camera lens. A quick read through the script revealed that the setup wouldn’t work, with the actor’s eyes clearly breaking contact with the camera and looking downwards to the script. It was obvious that we had to spend the time to transcribe the script and have the actor read from the teleprompter. The script file is projected onto a one-way mirror positioned directly in front of the camera lens, allowing the actor to have direct eye contact with the camera  yet still be able to read the scrolling text. Even though time was limited, it would have been pointless not to take the time to setup the shoot properly. Sometimes it can be a very fine line between what makes video look amateurish or professional.