Red Digital Cinema/ Keeping Abreast of Latest Technologies

Recently, I came upon an article about Red Digital Cinema and was absolutely blown away. The article made a comparison of the new technologies being used “like the iPhone being released in 1980″. I am sure you are aware of pixels and mega pixels and how these days, cameras are in the teens and twenties, well, Red Cameras shoot at… wait for it… 260 mega pixels still and motion, at the same time!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Not only can these cameras shoot as good as film, they shoot even better and they cost less, way less, although still as much as a new mid-range vehicle, but not bad when that’s as much as one month’s cost of renting a film camera.

At DDA, we’re always keeping abreast of latest technologies and we are continuously approached with new innovations and medical technology and procedures needing marketing or training tools. All the technologies we use in our studios are always up-to-date so we can tackle the high-tech profiles of our clients and provide only the best marketing services to the corporate, healthcare IT, medical and entertainment industries.