speaking of old stuff…

During my morning commute, I usually flip radio stations between Preston and Steve on 93.3 and NPR, trying to get equal doses of humor, satire, news and intellect (less of the latter). Coincidentally, Preston and Steve were talking about how their families have held onto old TVs, VCRs, refrigerators and Betamax players. In my blog yesterday I touched on the VHS/Betamax battle and the now victorious Blu-ray format. I was too young to pay any attention to the Betamax issue, and only vaguely remember the laser disc format, looking like giant CDs before even CDs were all that popular.

On the radio, someone mentioned having a collection of over 200 laser discs and the player. Another mentioned their father having a collection of about nine Betamax players, buying them up whenever they appear at a garage sale or thrift shop. There is something to say about old technologies and their design; about the consumer technological breakthroughs of the past.

Recently, I was at a Salvation Army, snooping around for bargains and things of uniqueness. I moseyed over to one of their glass counters and was instantly attracted to large black camcorder with a reversed pistol grip. I looked at the price tag expecting something in the $20 range and to my surprise saw $5.99. So, proudly displayed at my desk is a vintage Eumig Makro Sound 80 with “live sound” 8mm camera. It makes a great comparison next to our Sony HD DVCAM.