Stepping Out

Last night, I just got back from vacation with Erin. We had a nice long vacation in France with my family, allowing us a brief step-out of our professional roles and to re-energize our souls. We had a checklist of things we wanted to see and do while on vacation ranging from camping in the Mercantour, one of France’s National Parks, going to the beach, visiting the Nice market, trekking around the Iles de Lerins. Luckily with my parents accommodating nature, we were able to do everything we hoped for.

In between the outings and eatings, Erin and I checked our emails to keep an eye on happenings at our jobs during our absence. As expected, the video crew at DDA forged through the various projects at hand, namely the launch of the new DDA Medical website with which I played a major production role prior to my departure. But having read through emails, only minor changes needed to be implemented and the launch was successful. Other video projects continued through production such as a training CD-ROM for a medical product with full testing and certification, a video upload and contest feature on a product launch website, a 20 minute promotional DVD, to name a few.

So today, stepping back into my role at DDA, I will be reviewing all projects with freshly topped energy reserves and making the emails I scanned in France tangible.