Summer Renovation Plans

Erin and I bought our house back in January of this year. Since then, we have been renovating the upstairs rooms, basement, porch and deck. The guest room and master bedroom both had wood paneling, which covered about 3-4 layers of wallpaper underneath. During the late winter and early spring months, we pulled and steamed everything off to reach the smooth and unpainted plaster underneath. It was rewarding to see the original plaster walls, and almost a bit sad to cover it with its first ever layer of paint. As an homage to the character of the original plaster, we left one of the walls in the guest room paint-free.

The basement is partially finished but in a dilapidated state. The drop ceiling tiles had all been thrown out and the framework barely holding on. That got ripped out quickly. A significant part of it is framed out and covered with… you guessed it, wood paneling. Gradually I have been removing the dark paneling which has made areas a lot more open and accessible.

This summer, we have been busy working on the deck and porch. We finally managed to get our contractor friend pinned down to add supports to our partly sagging deck. We have been eager to have a big party but due to the unsafe condition of the deck it is in our best interest to have it fixed prior to heavy traffic! Luckily, it seems that we may be able to start planning the party.

The biggest job is going to be stripping and repainting the front porch. Not that it’s a really big porch, but the concrete floor has a couple layers of light blue paint which is peeling up in a number of areas, most notably on the steps. The last few weekends have consisted of slapping paint stripper on the porch, waiting a couple hours and then painstakingly scraping the paint with a number of tools, always varying the process to try and yield the best results. Unfortunately, the results have been slow, tiring and unimpressive, and we haven’t even stripped half of the porch. I am anxious to try a pressure washer to see if it yields better results. It is also frustrating to think that there might be better technology available for the job that I am unaware of. Over the weekend I went to the Home Depot to look at power washer rentals only to find that it costs $45 for 4 hours or $75 for 24 hours. Power washing may be a good option, but at a cost. Of course, some power washers are available for purchase at just over $100, but still a gamble not knowing if power washing is a better solution for stripping the porch.

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