Have you seen the show Survivorman? Well, really it should be called Survivorcameraman. In case you haven’t seen the show, it’s about this guy who goes out into the wilderness around the globe with 3 cameras, the clothes on his back and seven days to fend for himself with no food or water. His shows, which usually run 30 minutes in length, are made of video entirely shot by himself during his expedition. By strategically placing the tripod and camera along with thorough post production, he achieves in creating a well composed and edited documentary which one might think took a whole crew to orchestrate. In one episode, Les Stroud (aka Survivorcameraman) talks about the hardest challenge during his 7 days in the snowy and harsh landscapes of Alaska. It wasn’t the cold or the lack of food. Not the sunlite nights. But it was having to deal with the cameras, setting them up, walking away from them while the camera records his trudging into the distance, and then turning back around and getting the camera only to set it up for another distant shot of his desolation. I wonder how many cameras he’s gone through? It must be hard to have all these lenses… these eyes looking at you, staring, recording, speaking to it and having nothing to add to conversation.

I was thinking how interesting it would be for DDA to have a documentary, solely shot by each individual in the company, Survivorman style, with trips to the water cooler allowed of course. If the various departments documented their script writing, or programming, web design, website optimization and flash animating, and all the wonderful things we do here at DDA. I can only imaging the mess of tripods around the office as we document our hikes from the distant and cavernous video department to the high-altitude levels of the writers department, all the challenges and obstacles that may stand in-between, ever wary of the jingling and panting of the greatly feared hyena-dog, Indie.