TED and the Inspiring Video Website

A few months ago, I received an email from one of my college roommates who now lives up in Rhode Island. It was a link to a video website and specifically a speech about the importance of teaching creativity and the arts to today’s children and adolescents. The speech given by Sir Ken Robinson was intriguing and inspiring. After watching the speech, I looked around the site only to find every single presentation to be of interest. It just so happens that TED Global 2009 just finished, so a whole bunch of new speeches will be available to watch online. Papervision3D, one of the 3D engines we use for our interactive websites, was presented at TED Global  2009. As my sister lives in Oxford, I’ll be sure to explore the possibilities of attending the 2010 event!

Now that the Internet is getting saturated with videos about anything and nothing, it is refreshing to have a website dedicated to the presentation of “ideas worth spreading”, as the TED motto reads. We are working on a number of video websites hosting various types of videos, but one project in particular stands out in respect to the value of the content. This site will host a vast array of videos related to various scientific processes with detailed information and sharing/commenting options. The site will serve as an online hub for discussing and perfecting various procedures.  Although all projects that come through DDA get equal treatment, it is especially rewarding when we have the opportunity to work on something which can potentially benefit the greater good.