The Basics of Interactivity

While checking the papervision3D blog for new and inspiring work, I came across a great interactive application which really gets down to the basics of interactivity with high technology. It’s a website for a kids TV show in the UK. As we were all once a kid (hopefully) we all know about basic interactivity as a child, it means exploring one’s environment, seeing what things are and what they do, continuously learning from what we interact with. The CBeebies Big and Small  site uses the papervision3D flash 3D engine to render out various rooms and interactive objects while 2D flash animations integrated into the scenes. I had a great time walking through the rooms and playing with the various mini games and tools, especially the well orchestrated music session!

When it comes to thinking interactive, sometimes you just have to shed a few years and think like a child. At DDA, we have been able to make use of papervision3D in a couple of interactive projects and continue to explore its capabilities. One project includes an interactive product website for Dorman Products where users can navigate through cubes covered in product data in a virtual tradeshow booth. Another is a website created for Sensis Condoms which features interactive product packaging in 3D which transforms and transitions into the actual website design.