The Infrastructure of a Medical eLearning Tool

With flowcharts and wireframe demos reviewed and approved by the client, the past couple of weeks have been spent organizing and planning the infrastructure of their medical eLearning tool. There are many factors to consider at this crucial stage in development. One missed feature or overlook could result in a number of hours correcting an issue later down the road. It’s important to take the time to plan and make sure all bases are covered. With medical eLearning tools, users needs to be provided with flawless user experiences and fluid interactive navigation so they can concentrate on learning the material at hand.

Some of the items that need consideration for this project include efficient loading of the tool as a whole and as individual segments, translation of all content to different languages, and planning for future content additions as separate categories. With the infrastructure laid out, individual parts of the project can be separated out and delegated for production with DDA team members from all departments working together to create a stellar medical and healthcare eLearning tool.