The Latest New Media

Motion tracking seems to be the latest fad in new media. A couple sites I have come across are now making use of a user’s web-cam to give them a unique user experience with a virtual reality feel known as augmented reality. A user acquires print material either through mail, magazine, or their own printer which displays a particular symbol. When this symbol is held up to the view of their camera, magic happens. Based on the symbol or pattern, the programming recognizes the 2D plane and displays something in 3D space, make it move and match the perspective.Another technology is one straight out of sci-fi and action movies, a table that recognizes objects being placed on it and reacts with visual imagery accordingly.  Similar to the previous technology, printed material with specific symbols or visual codes can be recognized and through a database, can reveal appropriate information and follow its placement as it moves on the table’s surface. At DDA, we’re all about new technology and new media and are always eager to push the envelope further whether it’s for medical training applications, healthcare IT projects, surgery simulations, tradeshow videos, medical CMEs, product showcases or whatever your needs are.