The Mind’s Eye

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I started thinking about what I had worked on during the day. Mostly, I was thinking of what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, a new promotional project called “Coffee with DDA.”

Rather than just using cup illustrations or animations, or using a 3D cup model, we plan on using actual video footage of a cup moving in space so that the light and shadows on the cup always stay true to its virtual space. I envisioned the setup necessary to catch the right angles of the cup, mimicking it being brought up to one’s mouth as the view of the table and cup is from above looking down into the cup. It will most likely involve a setup of the cup on a green screen rotating table, so we can capture a complete 360-degree rotation and key out the green in post production. A camera crane will also be used to be able to show the motion of the cup being tilted but rather than tilting the actual cup, moving the camera from the cup’s top down its side will give the illusion that it is being tilted.

These images and thoughts all started materializing in my mind’s eye and the next thing I knew my physical eyes came back into focus on the van driving 20 feet in front of me. My drive and even my direct environment had been a blur for the past few moments as a different part of my brain started stealing all the attention. I start to get very excited over the prospect of new interactive video projects and Flash animations, but maybe I should save the brainstorming for when I’m off the road!