The Newest Technologies in Video Magic

Having done some research into the technologies used in recent movies which are heavy in CGI and 3D animation, such as the movie Avatar, I’m fascinated by the hardware, software and logistics involved in production. Latest advances include stereoscopic HD cameras, performance capture workflow, simulcam, facial capture head rigs and facial performance replacement. Technologies like these make unprecedented movie magic a reality. At DDA, we’ve used technologies such as camera move matching, which analyzes video footage into 3D spatial data for integration of realistic 3D animation, 3D previsualization for realistically story-boarding a video-shoot, and of course chroma key green-screen technology.

Not only does DDA strive to use latest 3D animation and video production technologies we also forge the way in medical simulations, medical eLearning platforms, medical marketing, healthcare marketing, medical education tools, and corporate marketing.