The Sun is in your Hand

 A couple of recent projects here at DDA involve photo realistic renderings of environments and architectural spaces. Luckily with our 3D software, NewTek Lightwave and some powerful render engines, we can achieve some very lifelike and believable imagery. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly isn’t easy. When you’re talking photons, refractions, global illumination (GI), and other fancy words, things get really tricky pretty quickly. Any slight change in a number of texture, lighting, and rendering attributes can result in completely different renderings. There’s so many different parameters and details that some 3D artists careers are solely dedicated to lighting, and I can kind of see why. It is truly gratifying to take 3D data and make it come to life, it’s like holding the sun in your hand without all the pain.

Do you need to simulate a real-life situation? Whether it’s 3D architectural space, medical procedure simulations, training videos, medical videos, product photography, virtual reality or even something we haven’t done before, we’re ready to take it on.