The Ultimate Portfolio (Yes, it’s iPad and iPhone Friendly)

After a lovely Memorial Day weekend spent with my wife, father and good friends, it’s back to business at DDA and working on our new and all-encompassing portfolio. The portfolio will include all of DDA’s work in an iPad friendly and iPhone friendly format. Users will also be able to see the site on laptops, desktops or other smart phones but site navigation might lack some of the flare that is available on the iPad or iPhone. The portfolio will have search and sorting options in order for viewers to narrow-down the portfolio items to those which are most relevant. Videos on the site will also be formatted to play appropriately for various devices. We’ll be moving fast with getting the site up so look for links to it from our main or division sites.

Tip of the day: If you’ve been working with or noticed the screen resolutions for the iPhone or iPad, you might have noticed the unusual resolution ppi (or dpi). iPhones are 163 ppi, iPads 132 ppi and a standard monitor is 72 ppi. This totally makes sense when you consider viewing distance. The iPhone would be held closest, therefore needing more detail per inch and the monitor positioned furthest, needing less.