The Weeks Fly By

Well, it’s Thursday again, another week gone by without any notice! Every minute and second of the day is full of work to be done, and you bet we’re happy about that! Today’s tasks include a number of projects and clients. Here’s a summary:

- making edits to seven video segments of a promotional website, work on the build of the interactive graphic user interface

- programming  viewer and admin user interfaces for a webcast synchronized to slides.

- reviewing the wireframe demo of a complicated medical eLearning portal which includes spokesperson videos, procedure simulator and user simulations, testing and progress tracking.

- processing 360 degree spin videos of jewelry for integration into an eCommerce website.

These are only a few of the projects I will be working on directly today, there’s still other 3D medical animations, promotional and product showcase videos, and interactive websites whose development progress I’ll be reviewing throughout the day.