This Morning’s Nuisances

Unfortunately, I have encountered a couple of nuisances this morning which made me think of software development quality assurance.

When shutting down my PC last night, Microsoft ran a batch of 7 updates. When I booted up my PC this morning, it took an unusual amount of time and when Windows finally appeared, I discovered that my QuickLaunch menu items were no longer in the menu bar. With the QuickLaunch being my main method of navigating to my various drives and applications, this was upsetting. I managed to reveal the QuickLaunch but all the icons were rearranged and out of order. I know this seems like a minor issue, but it would be like putting your cereal bowl in the pots and pans cupboard, your cereal in the dishwasher, and the milk in the microwave. Rearranging your kitchen isn’t something you want to do first thing in the morning!

Once all my QuickLaunch icons were placed in proper order, I set to work on one of our interactive training CD-ROM projects. Working in MDM Zinc, which extends Flash’s CD-ROM authoring capabilities. Setting up the masked window was a cinch and so I thought  setting up the splash screen would be. Unfortunately, the splash screen never shows up when I publish the project. Off to the MDM support site. Not finding any resolution, I proceeded to check software updates and ran into a brick wall. Checking for updates with MDM requires logging in and apparently they don’t have any of my email addresses on file and I cannot login. Now, I have to rely on their customer support. Hopefully they will get back to me in a timely manner and clear up yet another small, but annoying hurdle.

So, off to another product catalog CD-ROM which we are finishing up. Knowing I have full control of the revisions and updates to the CD, I will be sure to thoroughly proof the CD-ROM and make it as user friendly as possible so that no user will encounter annoying nuisances which can lead to halting productivity and delaying one’s day.