This time next week… snorkeling with the fishes.

First thing Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I are leaving for Mazatlán. We have never been to Mexico so are really excited to spend time on the sunny Pacific beaches and immerse ourselves in another foreign and unfamiliar culture. Books will be read, drinks will be drunk, skin will be burned, Spanish words will be mispronounced.

In my absence, I know that the video department at DDA will be humming with activity, working on the many projects we have currently on our plate. When I’m snoozing on a beach lounger, trade show videos will be edited. When I’m staring up at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, spokesperson videos will be filmed. When I’m snorkeling with the fishes, Flash Product CD-ROMs will be built. DDA’s strong infrastructure of project coordinators, department heads, and the ability of all in the company to wear many hats will ensure that all projects run smoothly and aren’t stalled when a member of the team leaves on vacation.