Tracking Success

This past Friday, my band, Mr. Radar, played live on the radio. Every Friday at 5:00, the station 104.5 has local bands play on the radio waves, exposing the band to thousands of new listeners. We got to the station nice and early, setup and ran through a couple songs to sound-check. Soon our audience of friends showed up and before we knew it, the count down … “5 … 4 … 3 …”, and we commenced the rock. It was short and sweet, one original and one cover, leaving everyone thirsty for more. We nailed the two songs.

Over the weekend, I tracked the analytics on our website to see if there was a difference in traffic flow. Sure enough, a huge spike in visits to the site appeared right after our performance. We also received some email addresses to sign-up for newsletters. The real proof of our success on the radio waves I think will be told by the number of fans coming to the show this Friday at the Khyber, a gig we were sure to plug during our radio session.

Having the tracking analytics on the site are great tools in getting audience reaction and results. That’s why we offer great tracking tools with all of our online services at DDA Medical. If you don’t have any tracking mechanism on a tool or application, how do you really know that the message or information is truly getting across, and to how many people? At DDA Medical we create all sorts of tools and applications for the medical and healthcare IT fields. Depending on the type of tool we can implement, custom tracking methods to capture user information, progress, course completion and any information the client might benefit in knowing.