Unique Logos

Recently, I went to visit a friend who works on pretty high profile jobs creating package designs for products you might see when you go to the big stores in the mall. He also works on a side project website. He told me about some issues they had with the logo for their side-project. Turns out, a very large company approached them about the similarity of their logos even though the two companies offer completely different and unrelated services. One really has to stretch the imagination to make the connection. Fortunately, the website was able to keep the logo, but at a cost. It’s unbelievable that large companies spend the time and effort to beat down anyone that they think threatens their identity, surely there must be better things to be concerned about.

Even though at times it is inevitable to predict being confronted by the judgment of large companies, DDA’s designers always offer a number of concepts with variations in design and color. When the final logo is chosen and appears in website designs, product videos, or package designs, it is individual and unique.