Upcoming feature on DDA websites

Yesterday, I was looking around for some coding for our Zinc software which enables us to extend the capabilities of Flash when creating applications or CD-ROMs. I happened on an interesting blog which brought me to a really cool website, where I discovered PicLens.

PicLens is a cool browser plug-in that enables a unique, full-screen image and video browsing experience. After a quick download and installation, searching for images on, say, Google images, reveals a 3d wall with panels of images, not much unlike our own DDA Video site.

Using a simple RSS feed, one can even implement this tool on individual websites. Seeing as DDA has countless projects in our portfolio and an ever growing list of online videos, it would be silly not to offer this option of quickly browsing through numerous images and navigating to different areas of the site. So be on the lookout for that little blue box with the play button (PicLens) appearing soon on the DDA websites!!!