Updates to DDA Video site

As we are always creating new videos for clients, we are always expanding the DDA video portfolio. The preliminary version of the DDA Video website has 30 screens which display 30 different video categories. An individual project is featured for each of the categories. In a secondary version of the site, we started creating “Double Features” to showcase a couple projects under one category. With our portfolio steadily growing, it was foreseeable that we would need triple features and quadruple features, but that would just be silly.

We are planning a large update to the DDA Video site with some added features. The most important being the addition of secondary “galleries” to the individual 30 categories. Using XML, we are able to create a list of videos that fit within one category and the user can flip through screen shots to decide which video they want to watch. As the website uses a single smart swf file on all of the 500+ pages, we have also programmed it in such a way that we can still reference or link directly to a specific project using the “location.search” code.

Another added feature will be the PicLens browser plugin support. This will allow you to see all of DDA’s videos in one large, full-screen scrolling 3D wall. This feature truly emphasizes DDA’s extreme capabilities in creating exciting, informative and diverse videos.