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Commenting in programming is your best friend. Having become proficient in AS programming with Flash, I have learned that it is crucial to include comments for better navigation around the code. Commenting can be used to define the version information of a file or to group or separate various functions. This especially becomes useful when sharing a file between programmers avoiding confusion and decreasing mental process time with unfamiliar code.

When working with a file, whenever I make a substantial change I always increment the filename and save the file. Including version information within the code is also beneficial in case I need to revert to an older version of the file. An example might be…

//—————————-Version Information
// – new background graphic
// – update to menu navigation
// – added shopping cart functionality

Keeping order and clarity within the code is  important and will save time editing the code and finding the best file to revert to should problems be encountered with later file versions.