Video and Print Displays (Postermation maybe?)

Carrie, our Senior Designer and Design Department Head is working on some really nice large-scale posters to display DDA’s widespread capabilities throughout the office. All posters carry a similar design element as a whole but each one has unique color schemes and graphics based on the topic of that individual poster.

The video poster incorporates the video-wall graphic from the dda video site. Since video is all about motion, it only seems to make sense incorporating video into the poster. Ideally we would have a monitor cover the entire area of the video screens on the poster so that all the mini-screens can have video playing within them. Basically, the video would be edited in such a way to give the illusion that there are actually many little screens playing while it is actually a single monitor behind the poster.

We managed to find a well priced plasma monitor that would best fit the poster size but unfortunately it is a bit out of the budget for an in-house display. The other issue would be screen burn-out on the plasma. As the video design would have moving and non-moving areas (the areas between the individual mini-screens) this could quickly cause irreparable damage to the monitor.

In order to still have the video effect on this poster, we are looking into other options using a smaller screen. It may be that only a select few of the mini-screens have video while the others have stills which are still part of the poster. To be continued…