Viral Games

There’s no need to say that people like games; the computer and video game industry took in about $9.5 billion in the US in 2007. Video Gaming is everywhere, on TVs, computers, websites and cell phones. Old games are not really being phased out over time, but rather brought back on newer systems that emulate the older systems.

Certain marketing campaigns can make great use of games, as they become viral. Links are sent throughout the Internet and emails as people discover the games and want to inform others about it. The games usually rely on some aspect of the campaign whether it be characters, theme or story. More often than not, these games have limited depth as they are created to provide bursts of entertainment.

We are currently working on a really interesting site that will incorporate some unique animation and a few games. With the website geared to a male demographic between 18 and 25, we should be able to have some fun with the games, furthering their chances of going viral. Kind of ironic really, as the product the website promotes is for the prevention of spreading viruses and other nastiness.