Virtual Simulation Narration on Monday

Today, we tested our new interface for providing clients with a live feed of in-studio or on-location video-shoots and narration recording sessions. Clients will be able to view the webcast from anywhere that has an Internet connection. On Monday, we are holding a narration recording session for a virtual medical simulation. The client is based in the Netherlands so having them call in to listen through our phone patch could end up being costly or of inferior audio quality. So, alternatively they will log-in to our DDA Live interface where they can see and hear the session almost in real-time. They are able to give instant feedback through a chat feature which is viewable by the videographer or recording technician for instant direction to the talent with any changes in their performance or delivery. We’re looking forwards to recording the narration and replacing the current low-fi scratch tracks, no offense to Debbie and Matt. 🙂