We Choose The Moon

Being very interested in science and astronomy, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t realize it was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Luckily, in searching for inspiration for today’s blog, I came across the site wechoosethemoon.com which enlightened me to this fact! Right away, I felt completely immersed into the site. It features a live simulation of the radio transmissions that took place exactly 40 years ago. A mission tracker shows the current stage of the mission along Apollo 11′s path to the moon and mission status data updates with continuously ticking landing and stage timers. While all this is happening, video and image galleries are made available. As I stepped into the site about 96 hours into mission time and am currently on stage 7 while writing this (2 hours and 37 minutes until stage 8) I am curious to see what happens when the stage changes, will the site change slightly and provide more information or different visuals? While I listen to the static coming over the transmission as Apollo 11 and the 3 astronauts loose contact while orbiting the far side of the moon, I am anxiously waiting and checking the landing timer in hopes of maybe getting a slight emotional feel of what it must have been like listening and watching the live footage on July 20th, 1969.

What an opportunity it must have been to be the interactive agency chosen to build this application. At DDA, we develop custom applications and interactive websites for all sorts of clients and purposes and are proud of each and every project we build. Sites such as wechoosethemoon.com serve as great inspiration especially with the live simulation aspect. Currently, we are building a very thorough and intricate interactive simulation for a medical instrument maker. We also build live webcast sites where the presenter can change data being viewed by the audience and audience members can submit their questions for review. So if you need someone to put an engaging and interactive spin and launch your next big mission, DDA will help you make that “big step”!