Website Videos for All

Lately, we’ve had a lot of requests from clients to add videos to their website. A year ago, we would have quickly converted to Flash video, slapped it in a player and, voila! But things are a bit different these days. With people browsing the web more frequently on their mobile devices, we need to make sure their experience is gratifying and make online video accessible.

So, we’re now providing a variety of options for website video integration into interactive websites. All the options are still pretty quick to implement but the most versatile option gets a bit technical. This option includes having to render at least two video formats that are html5 friendly and a flash fallback for browsers that don’t yet support html5 video.

We’re also quoting a number of projects that utilize new html5 coding and will perform a lot of interactive actions with Javascript. In html5, we can also use cue points in the video to synchronize text, imagery and javascript functions. With this advanced web coding, we’re able to give all users of the Internet a fun and unique experience wherever they happen to be browsing.