Who doesn’t like Apple commercials?

Apple is always coming out with new and exciting technologies, and along with them, cool and trendy marketing  campaigns and video tutorials.  I can go into a slew of their various computers and gadgets, but I think we are all now pretty familiar with what they offer.  Their website includes elegant videos, packed with guides and tutorials on the various functions of their products. The overall message being that you are purchasing a solid, clean, cool and smart tool (which for the most part they are). A number of clients reference Apple’s videos and tutorials for their projects. The basis of the Apple videos are fairly straight forward; direct, uncluttered, smooth and featuring good music. With all of our projects at DDA, these elements are always part of our formula for creating a great video. But at the same time, we bring a unique approach and experience to each client and their project, making them stand-out from all the other Apple want-a-be’s.