Will DVDs and Blu-rays Soon be Obsolete?

Yesterday I got a marketing email from Smith Micro Software about a product called “Eye TV Hybrid”. This small USB attachment enables one to attach an HDTV  signal to your MAC (or PC with another product).  Then, your monitor and computer act as your TV and DVR respectively. Sweet!

This technology is proof of the growing use of video being transferred and played without using a physical disc medium. With video technology becoming more and more advanced and Internet bandwidth becoming larger, the two entities are on a quickly merging path, becoming part of every day use for viewing, saving, and transferring video. Much like the world of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays will start to become obsolete.

At DDA, we have all sorts of medical videos provided by clients as well as all the healthcare videos we have created, many of them on DVD and Blu-ray. And to be honest, it would make things a lot easier to organize and share, not to mention less cluttered, having to reference high quality video files than fumbling with and shipping physical discs.