Working out of the Box

Lately, I’ve been spending more time than usual in front of screens. On top of the four ten hour workdays at DDA, scrutinizing flash actionscript code and coordinating various corporate videos, interactive websites, and medical simulations, Erin (my fiancée) and I have been hovering over the computer at home working on save the dates, invites, finding a wedding officiant and emailing our event planners.

So, when I got home from work Monday night and noticed our wild looking front lawn and garden (not a good “wild” by the way), I pulled out the push mower, grass clippers and rake and set myself to work. While we have a tiny lawn and garden (approx 20 square feet), I will resist using anything powered by electricity or fossil fuels as it is much more gratifying doing the work by hand. Besides, why would I want to speed up such an enjoyable process only to have more time to spend in front of another screen, the TV.

My correlation for today’s blog? Well, the work we do at DDA is most of the time about thinking outside the box and giving users an outside the box experience. It’s what makes people who are tired of looking at a computer screen take in a breath of virtual fresh air even though they might be still sitting at their desk or with their laptop on a table. Our goal is to make their online experience fun and memorable and make them forget they are sitting in front of a computer, if just for a little while.

Still, you can’t beat taking a break from today’s technology and getting back to the basics.