Working the canvas

It has been a long time since I have painted. I graduated from MICA in 2001 and have since touched a paintbrush to canvas once. In my college days I took a number of intensive drawing and painting classes. These classes were crucial in developing my sense of composition, color, visual aesthetic, and the overall process of creating a piece of art.

It is with no doubt that all these skills are applied to my work at DDA. One of the most important, and probably most ignored, things to keep in mind when creating artwork is to work the whole canvas. It is very easy to get stuck on a particular section of a drawing or painting. The same goes for video compositing, animation, design, etc. One must pay equal attention to the entire piece in order to make it successful.

Not only does this process apply to a single project, at DDA we apply this theory to our clients. All our clients get the same amount of attention, whether it be creating a marketing video for a person with a simple invention to creating large, 500 hundred page websites for large recognizable companies.