Wrapping up a Product CD-ROM, a Virtual Tradeshow and an Interactive Website

Over the past week or two and as we get closer to the holidays, presents aren’t the only things being wrapped up. A number of projects are being wrapped up and completed in time for the year’s end. In the Video and Animation department alone, we have three major projects which are being completed and each of them is completely different from the other but all offer a unique and engaging user experience to leave the viewer with a wealth of information about an important health topic, automotive replacement parts products, and automotive horn and warning light products. These projects include features and technologies such as an integrated video spokesperson, interactive flipbook magazines, an interactive 3D tradeshow booth simulation, product showcase videos, a full product database with shopping cart integration, content management systems, tracking and usage metrics, and many others. It’s hard to believe that all this is packed into only three projects, but at DDA, we’re used to it and creating something that’s interesting, user friendly, and fun is what we’re all about.