Lossless Screen Captures

When most people think of video production companies, your typical “shooting and editing” comes to mind. While we at DDA Video pride ourselves in crystal clear HD video and professional editing, there are many other services we offer such as interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, virtual medical simulations (VMS), interactive websites and flash applications, live webcasts, and more!

Sometimes when creating various demo reels and portfolio material of our “non-traditional” video projects, we have to come up with other device capturing alternatives to display our completed work. That’s why we use high quality screen capture software to record images and sound being displayed on any computer monitor.

I had the opportunity to test out various screen capturing codecs and recording settings. I read about a new codec supplied by the software developer that records “lossless” screen captures so I wanted to see if that provided better results. The term “lossless” basically refers to lossless compression, which essentially allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data, giving a much cleaner end result. The tests were a success!

Don’t get me wrong, our top notch screen capturing software has given us outstanding results in the past, however, we at DDA Video are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our projects!