Major League of Digital

Last night was a special night for the city of Philadelphia. Phillies starting pitcher Roy Halladay had an unbelievable outting, silencing the Cincinnati Reds with a no-hitter in game 1 of the NL Division Series playoffs. Since only one other player in Major league Baseball history has done this before, I’d say it’s a pretty big accomplishment. I heard an interesting fact to depict how rare this really is:

“In the history of baseball, pitchers have made 2,528 starts, with only two no-hitters. In short, a starting pitcher in a playoff game is more likely to pull a winning pick-3 lottery ticket than throw a no-hitter”

Halladay threw a total of 104 pitches, 79 of them strikes, striking out eight Reds batters. If it weren’t for Jay Bruce’s two-out walk in the fifth inning, Halladay would have had his second perfect game of the season which is almost unheard of! If his stellar pitching wasn’t enough, Halladay gave himself plenty of offensive support by driving in Carlos Ruiz on a first-pitch fastball and later scoring on a hit by Shane Victorino. Halladay is now the first pitcher to ever drive in more runs than give up in the playoffs! As a long time Phillies fan, I couldn’t be any more proud of my team and my city.

Though here at DDA, we have quite a few feats we are proud of too. We were one of the first totally digital advertising agencies in the U.S. dating back to the early 90’s. We’ve developed countless interactive websites, e-Learning platforms, flash applications and more. We’ve even created our own hybrid animation called Onlivemation which combines live video, 2D animation, and 3D animation. Lately, we’ve been working on cutting-edge virtual medical simulations that no other production company has even come close to matching. DDA is certainly the major league of digital!