Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum

It’s almost August and that means the busiest part of my year is fast approaching. Over the course of the entire summer, the CB South Marching Band Staff has been gathering the ingredients for a successful marching band season. My role as drum staff is to write the percussion music, teach the drumline how to move and play, and prepare the percussion ensemble for their finals competition at the end of the season.

Yeah right, easier said than done. Getting 26 high school kids to look and play the exact same way is not an easy task by any means (and that’s not even including the rest of the band). Most of these kids don’t know how to stand up and walk straight not alone move with precision.

Though one thing I’ve learned over the last 8 years of being a drumline tech is that preparation is the key to success. The earlier I have the show designed and the percussion book written, the earlier it lands in the kids’ hands. The sooner everyone learns their music and drill, the sooner we can clean beats and develop an exciting performance for the audience. It’s a long, drawn out process that lasts the entire fall season but in the end, the kids become better players, better people and have an entertaining product they can truly be proud of.

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Look at those stick heights!