Medical eLearning’s New “Secret Weapon”

With the vast variety of advertising and marketing services we have to offer here at DDA and DDA Medical,  it’s important to be able to show potential clients what we’re capable of. Because of this, we have many portfolio sites available to view online – Print Portfolio, Video Portfolio, Internet Portfolio, Photography Portfolio, Illustration Portfolio, 3-D Modeling Portfolio, Animation Portfolio, Virtual Reality Portfolio, and CD-ROM and DVD Design Portfolio… just to name a few.

It seems as though every project just keeps getting bigger and better, so new material is constantly being added to each portfolio. In fact, our medical portfolio,, was just heavily updated with some more recently-completed projects!

Speaking of bigger and better, we’re always developing new custom VMS (Virtual Medical Simulations)  as part of our arsenal of web-based medical training interfaces. This highly effective eLearning tool can provide your medical staff with “hands-on” learning, whether it’s for new equipment devices or new procedures. Not only is this method of interactive simulation more interesting and fun, but also more effective when you consider the user is being guided in detail every step of the way.

It’s medical eLearning’s new “secret weapon” and DDA Medical is manning the guns. I can’t wait to show off some of these bad boys in our medical portfolio!