More Ring Spins!

That’s right. A brand new batch of rings were just dropped off today to be integrated into our client’s jewelery showcase website. We usually get anywhere from 15-35 pieces in at a time and this batch is no exception. Here at DDA Video, we’ve developed our own procedure of recording 360 degree ring and charm spins in high definition. With the perfect lighting conditions and our special rotating platform we are able to make these rings really shine!

We also developed (and currently maintain) the client’s jewelery showcase website as well. Since DDA is an all-in-house advertising and marketing firm, our client’s can choose from a vast selection of top notch services. We have way more than just high definition video production and web design too. Search engine marketing and optimization, graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, medical IT tools, interactive medical eLearning tools, and medical marketing are just a few other services we offer. Why go to another mediocre production company when you can get everything under one roof? Choose DDA today and see how we can make your company shine!