Muddy Weekend

The weather has struck again. This time with immense amounts of rain instead of snow. It seems as though we jumped from super snowy winter season to super rainy spring season in a week.

This past weekend I stayed at a friend’s house up in the Reading area. His driveway was too small for my car to fit so I had to park on the side of the road. My car ended up sitting there as the rain came down throughout the entire weekend. When it was time to leave on Sunday afternoon, I found half of my car sunken into the wet murky mud. My one tire was about a third underground and there was no way of getting out.


After a team of friends attempted to push my car out of the mud pit, it was time to call AAA. Sure enough, a tow truck came (an hour and a half later) and pulled my car out of the muck with ease.

On my drive home, I wondered what it would have been like before the age of cell phones, PDA’s, WiFi, pocket PCs, and technology that enables us to instantly communicate with others. I’m thankful that I work at a place like DDA Medical, a state-of-the-art environment where all of our computers, software, and studio equipment is on the cutting edge of technology. It certainly makes my life easier knowing I don’t have to feel bogged down by my equipment. There’s nothing worse than loosing creativity out of frustration!

Anyways, at this point I’ll take rain over snow any day. At least the forecast is looking pretty good for the next couple days- Sunny/mostly sunny in the mid 60′s. Now that’s the kind of weather I’m talking about!