Multi-Cam Conversations

My morning was spent working on an interview-like conversation for one of our pediatric clients. This multi-cam production consists of five different angles covering every square inch of two well-informed conversations between concerned parents and pediatricians. Wide shots, medium shots, close ups… you name it, we captured it. We’ll be able to use the different views to emphasize each person’s point as well as add some variety to maintain the viewer’s interest.

Since these conversations were shot in front of a green screen, we’ll be able to easily key out the subjects and composite them into fully digital environments created by our talented 3D animators. This gives us maximum flexibility in setting the scene for our actors and doctors.

Though I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tedious work. Every detail needs to be accounted for… from scaling and perspective to continuity in sight and sound. Since only one camera had the microphone signal running to it, I’ll have to sync every camera angle to ensure the highest quality sound is being used. If the audio is even one frame off, it would look like a poorly overdubbed kung-fu movie.

As with every DDA project, I’m excited to see the end result! If you’re curious about other video projects we’ve recently completed, check out our online video portfolio. We’re always reinventing the process of corporate and medical video!