On Location Webcasting – Part 1

Last week Tyler and I were on location in St. Louis, MO for the second installment of live webcasts for one of our pharmaceutical clients. What a success! Both live webcasts went as planned without a hiccup. We even had a dramatic increase of viewers on the second night!

DDA Video and DDA Medical’s online broadcast not only allows audiences to see crystal clear video of the live speaker as he/she presents the material, but also the material itself. Corresponding slides are synchronized to the presentation and provide visual reference to the subject manner being discussed. The viewers are also provided with a text field to comment and/or ask questions at any point during the webcast and receive an answer from the live speaker. Not only is it an effective means of communication, it’s simple and easy. In fact, it’s so convenient, it’s almost like having a seminar brought to the comfort of your home!

Today, Tyler and I will be packing up the equipment as we prepare for this week’s trip to Denver, CO. Since I’ve never been out to this part of the U.S. before, this is a trip I’m certainly looking forward to!

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