Operators (not) Standing By

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing more and more advertisers highlighting the usage of “real-live” over-the-phone customer service. Catch phrases such as “no automated messages!”, “live support standing by!”, and my favorite, “call now and talk to a real human being!” are often used on radio and tv broadcast to promote their company. It’s funny that companies have to advertise the fact that they don’t have machines wasting their customer’s time with a hundred different button combinations. Isn’t this something that we should expect from the start?

Some major companies recognize this issue and still continue to make over-the-phone service difficult for the customer. Take Verizon’s automated phone service for instance. When calling to settle an inaccurate phone bill, a buddy of mine ended up wandering through an endless maze of long winded dialing options. He got so frustrated that he started yelling and screaming at the phone. The system actually recognized his yelling, immediately apologized, and put him in touch with an operator. This sounds like a neat feature but did it have to be that difficult? It probably could have been resolved in a more professional and timely manner if there were an operator from the beginning.

There are several sites dedicated to bypassing the pre-recorded phone systems. Websites such as GetHuman.com, Real Tech News, and Get2Human.com are committed to saving people time and money by providing databases of “secret” phone numbers that immediately get a live service operator on the line for thousands of major companies. Would people go through the trouble of creating these websites for no particular reason? I highly doubt it.

In the advertising and marketing field, it’s especially important to have strong communication between the company and the client. That’s why at Dynamic Digital Advertising, you will always talk to real people with real solutions. Customer service is among the many things we do best! We will personally assist you through the production process – from concept and design all the way through post-production. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!