People Choose DDA For A Reason

This weekend was a hot one! I could feel a blanket of heat wrap around me whenever I walked outside. Since I was in the sun for most of the day on Friday and Saturday, I opted to chill out inside for the majority of Sunday. I recently bought myself a new Blu-Ray player so I had plenty of high definition entertainment to keep me occupied.

In between movies, I decided to flip through to see if there was anything interesting on TV. I came across a show on the DIY Network called Kitchen Impossible. I quickly became intrigued since the content was much like some of our recent window and door installation video projects we’ve been working on here at DDA Video. Although stunning HD quality, I couldn’t help but notice some shaky camera work and choppy editing. I thought maybe it was to create more of a lively feel as the host and homeowners talked about kitchen renovations that may not necessarily come across as the most “gripping” of all topics. Intentional or not, I became more distracted and felt it was time to turn it off to continue my movie watching experience.

You know, there’s a reason why our window and door installation client came to us to create all of their promotional DVDs in the first place.  They wanted smooth camera work, seamless editing, reliable people and an overall high quality product. After seeing what’s being broadcasted on TV, I feel even more confident in the work we produce! DDA and DDA Medical offers plenty of other high quality digital advertising and marketing services such as website design and development, virtual medical simulations, graphic design, 3-D animation, and more. Click here to check out some of the other work we’ve done!