Photography in a Video World

So we are prepping a photography shoot here in the video studio at DDA which made me think of how intertwined these two mediums are, especially as of late. Video is, at its essence, photography to begin with. When a series of images are taken in rapid succession and then played back together, you get a movie.

For a while though, there was a rather large difference in the video world between a video camera and an SLR (or single lens reflex) camera. A video camera was used to shoot video, while the DSLR was used to shoot stills/photographs.

Not too many people shoot on film anymore…be it video or photography. With the digital revolution including easy ways to take stills in video cameras…and the reverse true in DSLRs being able to take video, sometimes there is not a need to have both pieces of equipment anymore. A lot of music videos, independent movies, youtube videos, and even some TV shows and parts of studio movies (House and Black Swan for example) have been shot on these tiny little DSLR cameras.

Shooting video primarily on DSLR has drawbacks though…sound has to be recorded through a separate system which ironically is a throwback to the days of shooting on film. You also need to develop your own rig in order to get that “video camera” feel out of your DSLR and their might be increased shakiness of the image if you don’t.

Here at DDA, we have the equipment to do both sides of the spectrum. We have video cameras, as well as DSLR’s and we use them according to what our clients need. Regardless of what that might be, it certainly is an interesting time to be involved with video production, having so many options to get your message out in the most effective way.